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Discover our best winter clearance products

Pack Candide 2.0 2020

Freestyle/All-Mountain ski package - Men - Faction - Candide 2.0 2020 - 2019/2020

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Candide 2.0 2020
  • Candide 2.0 2020
  • Candide 2.0 2020
  • Candide 2.0 2020
  • Candide 2.0 2020
  • Candide 2.0 2020
  • Candide 2.0 2020
  • Candide 2.0 2020
  • Candide 2.0 2020
  • Candide 2.0 2020

    Freestyle/All-Mountain skis - Men - Faction - 2019/2020
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    Reference size: 178cm Radius: 16m
    ski image




    133 102 133


    technology rocker image

    Rocker technology

    Tail / Tip
    technology camber image







    Rocker technology


    Tip Width (mm)


    Waist Width (mm)


    Tail Width (mm)


    Reference Size (cm)


    Turn radius (m)


    Short radius: Enables the skier to turn more easily, facilitates short turns, wedelling, slalom, moguls fields.

    Long radius: Enables the skier to make longer turns and be more stable, even at high speeds.



    actual weight of the pair ( g )





    Double Rocker / Standard Camber

    Off Piste

    All Snow Conditions


    Ski Touring


    Detailed description

    Detailed description

    The Candide 2.0 2020 is an all-mountain Freestyle ski from Faction.

    The Candide 2.0 is part of the mythical Candide Thovex Signature range. It proudly bears the name of the famous La Clusaz rider who continues to inspire skiers all over the world generation after generation. Available in 5 versions to best suit each discipline, Candide skis are extremely successful, born of the spirit of the undisputed freeskiing legend. With a clever blend of crafted shape, quality materials and style, Faction offers a sharp range for demanding freeskiers who simply see the mountain as their favourite playground. 

    The Candide 2.0 from Faction is therefore the big brother of Candide 1.0 with its 102 mm waist and a flex a touch gentler to make it more playful.
    Just like him, freestyle is clearly part of its DNA, but it offers a more modern approach and offers greater versatility in practising it since it is very comfortable on powder. With its 2mm camber underfoot, its pop is dynamic to throw you into the air with the slightest push and to chain tricks over the whole field. Its grip is also very good, its relatively low turn radius of 16 m makes its really manoeuvrable and playful. Its solid poplar and beech core will give you the calm you need to get started on the dedicated courses with great stability. Its Carbon Stomp Pad, a carbon reinforcement underfoot cleverly disperses and absorbs impacts for a smooth glide and also gives greater dynamism coming out of a curve.

    So you can enjoy your pair without worrying about them, Faction has also focused on durability. The Candide 2.0 is designed as a sandwich, with a rugged, rough, matte topsheet. Its protective micro-cap also allows you to enjoy its very successful topsheet for longer. With its double rocker and its perfectly symmetrical shape, it has an extremely smooth glide, regardless of the direction you're taking it. On the piste, It has a good grip, even on hard snow. Ultra-manageable, you soon get into the game of slaloming at full speed between skiers to get to your next spot. When dropping on a snow-covered slope, the CT 2.0 is perfectly at ease. The rocker provides a nice lift and floatation thanks to its generous sidecuts. 

    The Candide 2.0 from Faction Skis is a weapon of choice for a wide range of skiers, from advanced to expert level with a strong attraction to freeskiing, looking for a remarkable level of performance on all surfaces and lots of fun every session.

    Snowleader Review

    The Candide 2.0 is still very popular at ski tests, and we quickly realise why once we have it at our feet in the resort.
    Extremely versatile, it is a ski with which you can quickly find your bearings because it offers a very fast and fun way to learn. Thanks to its large flex and easy pop that sends us up at the slightest movement of the ground, it guarantees huge amounts of fun in no time. It turns easily on piste and has a good grip for its size. When the snow changes, the tip smooths out the snow for an easy ride. And when the snow becomes deeper, these skis will let you send it down virgin slopes and through the forest. Why not try sending a butter or a small 360 when you feel like it!

    If you also want to ride like Candide Thovex, the Candide 2.0 is the weapon of choice! 

    The Pros: Playful, Manageable, Easy, Efficient, Versatile

    The Cons: Nothing to report!

    Technical Details

    Weight: 3,700 g per pair for the 178 cm size

    Turn radius: 16 m for the 178 cm size

    Tip: 325 mm
    Tail: 310 mm

    - Camber: 2 mm

    - Flex: 7/10



    Symmetrical True Twin:
    The same tip and tail width gives these skis a generous and symmetrical sidecut that results in a shorter turn radius and strong sensations between turns. The same tip height allows you to switch effortlessly from one type of ski to another, to meet all your freestyle needs.



    Poplar core: 
    Poplar is a soft, light-coloured, lightweight and strong wood that has good flex and pop, as well as a high capacity to absorb vibrations. When used alone, this wood provides pop, makes it easy to make butters and offers great stability when landing, three attributes necessary for a park ski, but also the torsional stability to ensure good grip on the pistes.

    Symmetrical sidecuts:
    Thanks to the identical tip and tail width, these skis have generous and symmetrical sidecuts, which allows a shorter turn radius and dynamic transitions between turns.

    Carbon Stomp Pad: 
    The carbon reinforcement under the foot adds strength to the skis, where it matters most. In addition to protecting the wooden core from rail impacts, this carbon reinforcement adds stability and shock absorption under your boots, allowing you and your skis to land smoothly.

    Full Strength Sidewall:
    The full strength sidewall is a construction that applies layers of protective material along the edges of the sidewall, between the edge and the topsheet from above. The edges offer the best possible stability and grip when turning, while protecting the wooden core, edges and cover sheet from possible external impacts and damage.

    Anti-Chip Micro-Cap:
    The micro cap is a hybrid construction that combines the sandwich construction with premium edges, which is fused with a lightweight and durable cap construction. Thanks to the micro-cap, the sandwich construction provides exceptional edge hold and torsional stability, while the topsheet partially covers the edge, protecting the fragile edge that could otherwise flake off in the event of impact.



    Choose from 37 models
    M 11 TP Black/Anthracite p

    M 11 TP Black/Anthracite p

    Detailed description

    Detailed description

    M 11 TP are alpine and all-mountain bindings by Marker.

    These bindings are designed for any intermediate to advanced skier who's looking to push themselves to the limit. Multi-use, they stand out thanks to their power and stability on both soft powder and hard snow. 

    Their Triple Pivot Compact 2 and Intelligent Backward Release systems cater for the different forces the bindings need to endure. The M 11.0 TP will release if you fall, but will stay in place during hard power transfers. 

    As with all the brand's bindings, they feature AFD (Anti Friction Device) technology for a reliable, precise release.What's more, the TCX heel support makes them really easy to put on and take off. The M 11.0 TP  bindings are also compatible with GripWalk soles.

    Technical Details

    Skier weight (recommended):

    Min: 30 kg
    Max: 90 kg

    Skier level (recommended):

    Beginner to advanced

    Technical Specifications:

    DIN / ISO: 3-11

    Binding weight (per pair): 1880 g with brakes

    Binding height without skis:
     16.5/18 mm


    - AFD Gliding Plate: all Marker bindings feature AFD (anti friction device) technology to you can precisely release without being hindered by grime, snow or ice! Adjustment of the AFD can be varied according to the activity, whether it's competive runs, children's activities or cross-country skiing.

    - Triple Pivot Compact 2: a particularly compact jaw with a horizontal spring. Combined with the gliding plate, the integrated gliding elements in the sole holders ensure a very precise release mechanism, typical of the other MARKER bindings.

    - Intelligent Backward Release: differentiates between forces that occur during a fall and forces that occur during a manoeuvre. A spring adjusts the heel support's tension.

    - GripWalk: a copolymer sole with a curved profile. Their convex shape and rubber tread make walking comfortable without compromising their grip. Their integrated rigid pads ensure excellent power transfer and precise release of the binding.

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