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Walking Shorts

If you want to keep ahead of the game before setting off on a walk or hike in mountainous regions, do by all means get yourself properly kitted out with outdoor clothing suitable for open-air activities. Shorts or trousers, jackets or coats, pullovers or T-shirts... you can change your outfit every season to match the rigours of the weather and the difficulty of the terrain which you're going...



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to explore. For regular or occasional activities, good gear means you can maintain top-rate physical performance whilst savouring the pleasure of walking.

Hiking shorts: outdoor clothing to be chosen with care

Whether your hiking shorts are short or long, they should allow good ventilation and be comfy. Shorts are a lightweight, unfussy and tough garment, and so are worn mainly in places with mild weather, or in spring and summer. Your hiking shorts are made from stretchy fabric (Lycra) which can regulate perspiration and should have the same properties as a pair of trousers. That is to say, they should give you support, allow freedom of movement and be quick-drying if there's a bit of bad weather.

Shorts, skirts and cropped trousers to set off on an adventure

With zip pockets at the front and back, an elasticated waist, and providing a feeling of freshness and great breathability, hiking shorts can also adapt well enough to aesthetic requirements to be worn on all occasions. Whether you opt for an urban or sporty dressing style or a cut above or below the knee, you'll find everything you could ever want for whatever type of open-air activity you wish to engage in. Skirts and cropped pants are also welcome items of extra clothing which can replace shorts, depending on your tastes and preferences.

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