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Walking Pants & Trousers

Before setting off on mountain excursions, take time to choose outdoor clothing which is right for you. Such apparel is an essential part of your gear and provides you with technical efficiency and the ultimate in comfort for the situations you’ll be tackling. Whether it’s hiking or trekking, outdoor clothing has to meet both aesthetic and practical considerations to ensure optimum use...


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during physical activities and on an everyday basis too.

An important choice you need to make to enjoy your hikes

Choosing hiking pants might seem like a trifling task, but it’s something you need to take seriously, especially if you’re going on long walks. The first thing you need to figure out is which season you’ll be trekking in natural areas. In spring and summer, it’s best to go for a three-quarter length pair of pants which can be turned into shorts using zips around the knees. When the weather gets a bit harsher, especially in winter or autumn, man-made fibres will help keep you from damp and cold by combining excellent thermal insulation with water-repellent coatings.

Comfort, technical quality and style for your outdoor clothing

Hiking pants don’t lack elegance and can easily be worn on an everyday basis. They offer a comprehensive range of special features ensuring that they are comfy and attractive; for example, an elasticated waist which you can adjust, a slim cut to enhance your figure, and adjustable hems and seams for greater ease of movement around the joints. In addition, the pockets can contain small items which will be handy on your excursions and serve as hand warmers when the need arises.

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