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Walking Jackets

Are you thinking about mountain activities to get away from it all? Do you need a change of scenery? To prepare your excursions properly and enjoy the incredible vistas of unspoilt nature to the full, your outfit must be adapted to suit the region’s different terrain, season and climate. What with all those gloves, T-shirts, socks, pullovers, beanies and pants, there is an abundance of...



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variety, but picking the right outdoor clothing requires taking several things into consideration. The same goes for your hiking jacket.

Outdoor clothing for all seasons

It’s absolutely essential to take account of the season in which you’ll be going hiking. In times of extreme cold (winter, autumn), it’s best to go for a padded jacket rather than a lighter type which is better suited to temperate regions or mid-season. The jacket should be capable of keeping in your body heat and shielding you from the vagaries of weather (snow, rain, etc.) under all conditions. Its level of flexibility should allow you to move about without feeling impeded in any way, even when wearing other layers of clothing which have insulating properties.

For hiking, yes, but also for everyday use

Your hiking jacket can also serve for other outdoor activities, such as mountaineering and trekking. It has some significant added features to make it more ergonomic: an adjustable hood, adjustable waist, a special cut for the female figure, zip pockets which will keep you warm or store small odds and ends safely... With stylish designs and many types available, your hiking jacket will also be ideal for wear around town. It’s tough, practical and chic, and will quickly become a “must-have” for everyday use.

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