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Knives & Tools

Who hasn't dreamt of taking a survival knife out of their pocket, ready to take on any danger? Beyond being a superhero gadget, a survival knife is always useful in the mountains, in the forest or even in your garden. Our selection of knives and multifunctional pliers will help you handle any situation.

Opinel, the benchmark for hiking knives

Let's start with a legendary knife that is more...



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than a hundred years old - the famous Opinel. With its wooden handle, this folding hiking knife is the mountain accessory par excellence. Snowleader stocks a wide range of Opinel knives, from the traditional Opinel knife, available in a variety of colours, to the 'outdoor' version, perfect for sporting activities in the mountains or out at sea. A reference brand for robust, elegant and reliable knives.


Survival knives, a multifunctional tool

If you are looking for a knife with a wider range of uses, then choose a survival knife or multifunctional pliers from a well-known brand such as Leatherman or Victorinox. These real pocket toolboxes are very durable and will accompany you on your mountain treks, fishing trips and picnics for many years to come. If you are a fan of extreme situations, we also have survival kits, which include a compass, lamp, case and hiking knife.

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