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Sleeping comfort, an important factor for waking up feeling refreshed

Whether you are sleeping in a tent, camper van or spare bed, the most important thing is getting a good night's sleep to help you recover after a long day.

When sleeping in a tent, there is rarely any ground that is free from stones, roots, bumps and so on. Comfort is therefore essential in order to help you recover after a...



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long day and wake up feeling refreshed. A neck pillow, pillow or an inflatable mattress... there are many ways to make camping more comfortable.


Choosing your sleeping equipment

First of all, think about the camping conditions (climate, length of stay, frequency, type of ground...). You will then be able to decide which factors are most important to you.

When choosing a tent for a hiking trip for example, it will be important to choose lightweight equipment. For tourist camping, comfort is often a priority and the equipment therefore tends to be heavier.

You will find all the sleeping equipment you need for your adventure on the Snowleader website!

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