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Comforting freeze-dried meals

These freeze-dried meals have been developed to provide you with the nutrition you need after a day spent hiking, trekking, sailing or enjoying another activity in the great outdoors. These meals are very lightweight, don't take up much space and take only a few minutes to prepare. Savour every moment in the great outdoors with these meals.

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freeze-dried meal

All you need to prepare your freeze-dried meal is hot water. Simply pour boiling water into the sachet, leave to stand for a few minutes and dinner is ready!

You will be able to enjoy a hearty and tasty meal, especially designed to help you regain your strength and satisfy even the hungriest of adventurers.

Freeze-dried meals on the Snowleader website

Snowleader stocks a wide range of freeze-dried meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner! These meals will transport you to a warm atmosphere, but with all the advantages of being in the great outdoors. Snowleader has specially selected meals that combine nutrition and great taste.

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