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Comfortable trail running underwear

Whatever your sports activity, choose underwear specifically designed for sports.

Trail running underwear has a system which cools the body down, helping the athlete to expend less energy on temperature regulation and therefore boost performance. In colder conditions, insulating air is trapped in order to retain heat.

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underwear which effectively wicks away moisture in order to maintain a comfortable body temperature. This helps you stay cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

Technical underwear prevents the build-up of sweat in order to prevent skin irritation. This underwear is extremely comfortable and breathable.


Choosing the right trail running underwear

Poorly fitting underwear can be uncomfortable during running and can even make you feel too hot or cold. You can say goodbye to such problems with sports-specific underwear.

For trail running, it is worth considering seamless designs with very stretchy elasticated fabric. They do not mark the skin and offer great comfort.

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