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Discover a wide range of long and short sleeve T-shirts, mountain bike jerseys and windproof jackets in the women's MTB tops section. These MTB T-shirts and jerseys are made from breathable material which allows the rider to perspire without losing heat. They are also designed to be stretchy and flowing to ensure great freedom of movement.

MTB windbreakers

A windbreaker can be a great ally...

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when you go mountain biking for a few hours, not only because the weather in the mountains is unpredictable, but also because your body will cool down faster because of the wind resistance. MTB windbreakers are often very thin, which allows you to fold them away into a pocket. It is important to choose a MTB windbreaker that is close-fitting, not only for greater comfort, but also to avoid it filling with air.

MTB jerseys

MTB jerseys are soft, durable and quick-drying, making them ideal for all MTB disciplines and terrain. For added comfort, choose a loose fitting jersey that fits snugly on the shoulders.

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