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Knee Pads

Check out the large selection of knee protections on the Snowleader webiste to find one that will fit your knee. Each pair has its own specificity, whether in terms of technicality or size. Some are more refined and ergonomic while others are fitted with a range of innovative features. There are several shapes of mountain bike knee pads: soft, rigid, knee pads covering only the knee or knee...


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pads that can extend all the way down to the shin.

The benefits of MTB knee pads

When mountain biking, falls on the knee are quite common and can be painful. That's why MTB knee pads exist: to protect your knees from one, or even multiple, injuries. MTB knee pads come in two forms: either they go around the leg and are put on like pants, or they are attached to the back of the leg and cover only the front and sides of the knee.

How to choose knee pads?

You will need to find a knee pad that fits your size, so it won't get in the way when you pedal. Weight is also an important factor in your choice of knee pad as it can quickly affect your performance if it is too heavy.

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