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Find the perfect MTB goggles from a large selection available on the Snowleader website. MTB goggles will protect you in different ways during your sessions. Firstly, they will protect your eyes from UV rays, thanks to the sun protection found in the vast majority of mountain bike goggles. And secondly, they will keep your eyes protected against wind and any objects that risk coming close to...

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your eyes when you fall.

How to choose your MTB goggles?

There are several criteria to take into account when choosing mountain bike goggles. First, look at the UV category, depending on the places and conditions where you usually ride. Then look at the type of lens, some will offer you a colour correction and bring out contrasts thanks to a filter present in the lens, others offer the possibility to easily change lenses, according to your needs. Then consider the shape of the goggles, which will give you more or less ventilation.

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