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Whether you’re with your family, friends or even by yourself, you can get to know the mountains by doing activities which will delight kids and adults, professionals and amateurs alike. Hiking is the opportunity to enjoy a sport which is accessible to everyone and admire some magnificent landscape while you’re at it. For this activity to remain a pleasure under all conditions, take the...

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time to choose outdoor clothing suited to your level and the types of excursion you would like to undertake. Beanies, coats, socks, pullovers... you can rest assured your entire outfit will provide you with comfort and performance.

What’s a softshell?

The softshell is clothing made using a special process and materials, guaranteeing you a meticulous, neat design. Tough, dependable softshell clothing is able to shield you from the weather’s vagaries (wind, snow, etc.) as well as the cold. The softshell is worn chiefly in winter or mid-season and is particularly popular for hiking. In fact, it offers great freedom of movement, is water-repellent and has excellent breathability during exertion or in warmer weather.

Outdoor clothing, guaranteeing you excellent protection

Softshell clothing is ideal for work or sport outdoors, and includes jackets (with or without a hood), hiking and mountaineering pants, and long-sleeved or sleeveless vests. Thanks to a highly sophisticated cut and the flexibility of the fabric used to make them, their neat design will be just as much in keeping with your taste (a variety of colours and looks available on the same range) as with their primary purpose. Because they offer only a moderate degree of impermeability, don’t hesitate to round off your outfit with a waterproof coat to contend with heavy rain.

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