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Mountain hiking is a sporting activity which can be done any way you want. Depending on experience, surface features, climate, season, solo or in a group, etc., all you need to do is choose... just like with your outdoor clothing. A pair of trousers, a pullover, coat, gloves or even a beanie... Do opt for an outfit which matches your style but one which also provides you with maximum comfort...

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on your excursions into the wild.

Practical and effective outdoor clothing

Hiking shirts are especially popular for outdoor activities in the mid-season or summer. They shield you from the sun thanks to anti-UV treated fabrics. They come in either short-sleeved or long-sleeved versions and you can also slip one on underneath a fleece, parka or down jacket in regions with harsher climates, or in winter. Depending on their use (overshirts, polo shirts, etc.) and what materials they’re made out of (flannel, polyester, wool. etc.) they can be worn all year round thanks to the great diversity of designs on offer for all dressing styles.

A hiking shirt to wear for all occasions

Hiking shirts feature breast pockets with or without flaps and come in an array of colours with different designs, such as stripes, checks and plain colours. The collar can be buttoned up and the sleeves can be rolled up and held in place using buttons around the elbows. Hiking shirts can regulate perspiration or have quick-drying properties, providing comfort and support (tailored cuts) suitable for extreme outdoor use. However, they are also ideal for wearing on an everyday basis, around town or at home.

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