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GORE-TEX® membrane is durably waterproof abd windproof, combined with optimised breathability. Enduring products that maximize protection and comfort for the wearer.
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Mountaineering Pants & Trousers

Before venturing forth into the heart of nature, take the time to prepare your equipment properly, especially when it comes to outdoor clothing. What you choose will differ from one season to another, depending on the kind of terrain you wish to cover (high mountains, steep areas, valleys, etc.) and the bad weather which usually affects the region. Coats, pullovers, gloves, beanies and...

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socks... we offer a huge product range to suit not only your activity level and technical requirements but external factors too.

A pair of mountaineering pants suited to your ability level

So that your excursions are always great fun, pants suitable for mountaineering are a must-have piece of apparel. They are made taking many factors into consideration to ensure your comfort and ease of movement, whilst protecting you from the elements. Thermal insulation, fabric reinforcements to prevent tearing, windproof properties, tailored cuts to make bending the knees easier, and so on... mountaineering pants turn out to be so much more than a mere piece of clothing. They are functional and ideally suited to mountaineering professionals and seasoned enthusiasts.

For amateurs and pros: outdoor clothing suited to your ability level

Just like the high level of technical performance mountaineering pants help you to reach, they are meticulously complex in their design, with tailoring showing great finesse. The pants are resistant to rain and extreme cold, and can also be worn for rock climbing with no risk of tearing the lower legs on sharp rocky points or as a result of a violent impact with your crampons. Mountaineering pants are just as suitable for beginners eager to make swift progress as they are for avid rock climbers.

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