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Thermals & Base Layers

For skiing, mountaineering, hiking or just a walk in the freezing cold, choosing the right kind of thermal underwear means you will make the most of their special features which retain your body heat. Base layers also have a water-repellent function to wick away moisture and perspiration so that you stay dry and don’t experience that nasty sensation of “swimming” in your outfit. Yes, as...

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you will have gathered, thermal underwear is not only comfortable but is actually of real benefit in keeping you warm.

Base layers to keep warm and dry

The first layer to be in contact with the skin usually consists of a long-sleeved top and snug-fit long johns made from thermoregulator fabrics, such as polyamide, Lycra or polyester. The variable blend ratio of these different materials gives man-made textiles their stretchy properties, providing you with great freedom of movement, while they’re also really tough and quick-drying.

Man-made or Merino? Different but complementary thermal underwear

Merino wool comes from far-off New Zealand. It has proved to be finer and lighter than traditional wool, whilst retaining its insulating capacities. Being airier, it is not only excellent for wearing in winter but also in more temperate areas of the world because it does not make you sweat thanks to the way its fibres are arranged. The icing on the cake is that Merino wool does not give you an itchy sensation. However, if you just can’t make up your mind whether to choose the effectiveness of man-made fabrics or the snugness and softness of Merino wool, to please everyone there is clothing which combines the advantages of both!

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