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Men's Walking Clothing

Something all hiking enthusiasts are aware of is that it’s absolutely essential to be appropriately dressed to face all the weather conditions that you might encounter in the mountains.  But how do you choose suitable walking clothing to face swiftly changeable weather and alternating periods of intense exertion and rest? Luckily, Snowleader has a great selection of outdoor clothing for men,...



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from top brands such as Fjall Raven, The North Face, Millet, Norrona, Mountain Hardwear, Arc'teryx and many more.  

Walking clothing for men: base layers and mid layers

The key to getting your walking clothing right is layers, which you can put on or remove depending on the conditions you encounter.  The ideal outfit generally comprises three layers: the first, the base layer, should be breathable so that your body is kept dry.  Technical base layers made of materials such as Lycra or polyamide will help keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer.   The second, or mid layer, has to retain heat. A popular choice is a fleece which has the advantage of keeping the body warm and drying quickly.

Outdoor clothing: outer layers

The final and outermost layer of your outdoor clothing should provide protection from adverse weather such as wind, rain or snow.  Options include waterproof, breathable jackets, extra-cosy down jackets, and windproof softshells. But don't forget your bottom half, a decent pair of shorts or walking trousers well help to keep you warm while still being breathable. Choose something that suits the terrain and temperatures you are expecting.  Versatile systems that allow you to zip layers together as required, or to remove the sleeves if it gets too hot, are also available, and are a practical choice.  You’ll find a wide selection of these, plus accessories such as hats and gloves, in Snowleader’s carefully selected ranges of outdoor clothing for men. And one last thing to think about, make sure you look after all your outdoor clothing properly. Wash them with the correct products and prolong their breathability, waterproofing and life.

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