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The power of the lamp is measured in lumens:  a unit that measures the general brightness projected by the lamp in all directions.

Less than 100 lumens
: camping, reading

Between 100 and 150 lumens: camping, short (small) hike

Between 160 and 200 lumens: hiking, ski touring, mountaineering, running

More than 200 lumens: trail running, speleology, ski touring, mountaineering

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Camping lanterns

Place one on a table, on the ground or hang them in a tree - lanterns are not only necessary to light your evenings while camping, but they add a certain cosy atmosphere. Thanks to the brightness, you don't have to worry about how to hold it or how to position it when illuminating a large space.


Choosing your lantern on the Snowleader website

During nocturnal expeditions, it...

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is vital to have good lighting in order to be able to read the terrain without taking risks. On the Snowleader website, you will find a range of different lanterns, each with their own specific features depending on their intended use. You can choose which factors are most important to you: the brightness, the weight of the lantern or the various features different lanterns offer (such as an adjustable light beam).

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