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Walking Socks

To enjoy your hikes to the full, you need to pick outdoor clothing which you like, but your choice should also be based on other considerations. These include the type of excursion; the nature of the terrain (mountains, valleys, forests, etc.); how long or difficult your walks will be; and first and foremost, the weather and season in which you’re expecting to venture forth into those...

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magnificent natural landscapes. All of this will optimise your performance and ensure you feel comfortable in your clothing. Each type of trip demands its own specific apparel!

Outdoor clothing designed for your hikes

What applies to your trousers, pullovers and coats also applies to your socks. Whether they’re for men, women or are unisex designs, they must be so comfy that you forget you’re even wearing them, whilst protecting you from inclement weather. Indeed, they adapt to all weather conditions and every type of exertion. From a family stroll to a trek involving several days of intense walking, or even a ski session with pals, hiking socks come in designs as smart as they are diverse.

The technical performance of comfortable socks

In summer, winter, or in-between seasons, socks are capable of controlling temperature to retain your body heat, preventing unpleasant odour with anti-microbial coatings, and all without sacrificing the comfort of your feet by providing ergonomic support. Hiking socks are designed from various materials (wool, cotton, nylon, etc.) with the tissue density varying depending on their respective use: thin, thick, padded, and so on. Good hiking socks look neat and tidy and provide you with comfort and high performance for every activity you wish to undertake.

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