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A single: Ideal for indoor and sports climbing, strong ropes.

Half: Recommended for mountaineering, glacier climbing and large climbing routes where an abseil is necessary.

Twin: Rarely used for climbing and rock climbing but widely used for hiking

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A good rope plays a vital role in ensuring climbers' comfort and safety. The importance of quality climbing equipment cannot be overstated.

Mountaineering and climbing ropes

Climbing should never be undertaken lightly, as it can be very dangerous without the right preparation and equipment. A good rope should have several essential properties, including adequate elasticity to absorb shocks and...


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the ability to handle impacts on the various anchor points.

We offer different types of ropes with varying diameters and lengths depending on your needs: cord, double rope, single rope, mountaineering rope... Wherever you climb, on rock, snow or ice, we have the right rope for you.

The diameter of the rope affects the weight. In addition to being lighter, narrow rope is also a more versatile choice. A 9 mm single rope is a good option for multi-pitch climbing. However, small diameter ropes (which are lighter and more fluid) are reserved for experts and are best suited to technical climbing, including snow racing, glacier hiking and even ski touring.

For occasional climbers, double ropes are a safe bet for multi-pitch climbing, as they have better grip. The two different rope colours can also make them easier to handle.

Single ropes are recommended for indoor climbing and locations that do not require the climber to abseil back down. Indoor climbers do not typically need a long rope, as the structures are only 20 metres tall.

Most manufacturers offer climbing ropes in a range of sizes, from 30 to 100 metres. To choose the right length of climbing rope, calculate the average length of the routes you are planning to climb. For 30-50 metre routes, an 80 m climbing rope should do the job. If you are sticking to the walls or 10-15 metres routes, choose a climbing rope measuring around 40-50 metres.

A shop for climbing enthusiasts

The Snowleader online boutique offers a wide range of quality climbing ropes. A key part of any climber's safety equipment, there are different ropes to suit every activity and skill level.

Some of the main ropes include the Cobra from Beal, the Full Rope from Black Diamond and the Volta from Petzl.Faced with so many options, every climber can find the right rope for their experience and abilities. For climbing ropes, there is just one golden rule: never scrimp on quality. 

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