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Combined with carabiners, the quickdraws make sure you are safe during climbing. It is impossible to overlook their importance! Snowleader follows your progression and advises you on the best equipment to use.

The different uses

The quickdraws are designed for both indoor and outdoor climbing. They allow the climbing rope to run freely through the anchor point. Most of the quickdraws consist...

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of two carabiners: a straight gate carabiner and a bent gate carabiner joined by a strap. It is essential for both the strap and the carabiners to be robust. Carabiners meet specific strength standards depending on their purpose: a straight open gate carabiner, for instance, must have a minimum strength of 700 kg.

Be certain you can rely on your climbing quickdraws

When choosing your quickdraws, there are several aspects to consider. The mountaineering quickdraw differs according to its weight, style of open gate, length of the strap but also the width of the carabiner and the strap. Sold individually or in bundles, climbing quickdraws have an average lifespan of 2 years. Regularly checking their wear and tear ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises when climbing. For more information on the specificities of mountaineering equipment, call our experts on our Skype infoline!

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