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The all-important climbing harness

Climbers should choose their harness based on usage and body shape.


Harness adjustment and comfort

As climbing harnesses are all designed to support the body around the waist and thighs, they are relatively similar in structure. However, they do differ in terms of size, weight and volume, and feature various adjustment systems.

The Corax is a versatile...

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choice, with a system of straps that can be adjusted at the waist and thighs. It can be worn over thick winter clothes or shorts and a t-shirt in summer, making it an ideal option for any season.

For high-end performance, the Hirundos harness is lighter, featuring elasticated thigh straps and a DoubleBack buckle on the belt, which can be adjusted with one hand. Its lightweight mesh lining ensures good ventilation.


Climbing is for everyone

In terms of specific harnesses, the Selena climbing harness is specially designed for women. Its striking design includes adjustable thighs for enhanced comfort and reduced friction.

Harnesses for children should support them using shoulder straps rather than putting the strain on their hips. The Ouistiti is a climbing harness designed for kids under 30 kg, with an adjustment system at the back for complete safety. Similarly, the Bambi II is created for children under 40 kg.

The lightest adult harnesses weigh around 100 g. They are extremely sturdy and offer a high level of freedom of movement. In terms of specialist harnesses, the Canyon caving harness is designed to adapt to aquatic environments.

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