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Crash Pads

Whether outdoors on natural rock structures, or indoors on artificial structures, bouldering is a climbing activity that requires a lot of discipline and very little equipment.

To make up for this lack of equipment and to keep this practice safe, it is essential to be equipped with a bouldering mat to cushion possible falls.

A crash pad, what for?

The crash pad is a safety mat that is...

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positioned at the foot of the structure you want to climb to cushion your falls. It is therefore a fundamental accessory when bouldering outdoors since it acts as your safety net, the last protection between you and the ground. A good crash pad has a solid foam that absorbs shocks, with a large landing surface, while not being too heavy to carry. Either way, you need a good spotter, that is, a buddy who will make sure that you don't fall flat on your back. Any bouldering enthusiast should own a good bouldering mat.

Find the crash pad of your dreams at Snowleader!

There are several types of crash pads available at Snowleader, with more or less thick foams, allowing you to climb a little higher, while minimizing the risks.

When picking your crash pad, you should consider how easy it is to transport, so don't overlook the carrying systems and pick the one that seem most convenient to you! A crash pad can feature several accessories to make your life easier: buckles straps for an reliable and secure closure, removable straps for easy and comfortable carrying, handles to quickly move the pad around... All you need to do is pick the crash pad of your dreams!

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