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What is a mountaineer without his carabiners? Climbing equipment meets rigorous standards to guarantee the safety of the person who uses it to climb. Carabiners but also quickdraws, quicklinks and other accessories are available at Snowleader!

Choose your mountaineering carabiners

The climbing carabiner is a crucial accessory for climbers. There are two types of carabiners, the progression...

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carabiner and the safety carabiner. The first is used to assemble the quickdraws or to be placed on the stoppers, while the second is used on belay devices, anchors or via ferrata.

The shape depends on where the mountaineering carabiner is placed: the straight gate carabiner is to be placed at the belay point and the bent gate carabiner is to be inserted at the other end of the quickdraw. The curvature of the bent gate facilitates the feeding of the rope thanks to its shape and larger opening.

Another form of carabiner exists, the directional carabiner. The latter consists of two separate connection areas to optimize the positioning of the rope. It is both easy to use and ensures maximum security.

As for the locking system, it is generally automatic. The screwgate carabiner is the most common, but there are also locking mechanisms by ring or ferrule. Note that some carabiners have a specific marking with a capital letter that indicates its type of use. There is the H for the HMS carabiner or pear-shaped carabiner (flared upwards for a wide opening) and the K for the k-type carabiner (via ferrata).

Focusing on excellence

Today, the climbing carabiner offers performance and lightness. Small in size without being miniature, it remains easy to carry. Carabiners ensure our safety, which is why they must be well chosen and of excellent quality. 

Enjoy the most advanced equipment from the best brands such as Petzl, Black Diamond, Beal and Edelrid.

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