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The power of the lamp is measured in lumens:  a unit that measures the general brightness projected by the lamp in all directions.

Less than 100 lumens
: camping, reading

Between 100 and 150 lumens: camping, short (small) hike

Between 160 and 200 lumens: hiking, ski touring, mountaineering, running

More than 200 lumens: trail running, speleology, ski touring, mountaineering

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Place one on a table, hang them in a tree, or light up your tent – lanterns are not only necessary to light your evenings while camping, but they add a certain cosy atmosphere to your experience! They have the power to kick out enough light to illuminate your camp circle, provide light for you to read in the dark, or to simply guide you to the toilet at night!

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lanterns and torches which are perfect for your camping adventures, from great brands such as Black Diamond, Campingaz and CAO Camping.

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