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The power of the lamp is measured in lumens:  a unit that measures the general brightness projected by the lamp in all directions.

Less than 100 lumens
: camping, reading

Between 100 and 150 lumens: camping, short (small) hike

Between 160 and 200 lumens: hiking, ski touring, mountaineering, running

More than 200 lumens: trail running, speleology, ski touring, mountaineering

Autonomy in use

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All experienced campers pack survival gear and accessories such as camping lanterns in their backpack to avoid being caught out in the middle of the night. Discover the latest lanterns on the Snowleader website.

Camping lanterns: practical and fun

Choosing your camping lantern is not easy given the wide range of models and features available: dynamo, pocket, solar or battery-powered, torch...

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etc. The main difference between them is their battery life, which is an important factor to bear in mind when heading out on a multi-day trek. They are compact, lightweight and easily fit into a backpack.

Smart lantern systems

Camping lanterns are not only useful for camping, but also for everyday life. Whether stylish or slightly vintage, camping lanterns can also be decorative. These easy to use lights light up quickly and provide bright light. Some are equipped with a dimmer switch, allowing you to adjust the light output according to your activity. Snowleader has a selection of camping lanterns to suit all needs and budgets. With Snowleader, you can collect points with each purchase and use them on your next order!

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