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It's 2nd Marketdown on Winter Sale! Come discover all of our products on sale

It's 2nd Marketdown on Winter Sale! Come discover all of our products on sale

Ortovox pack zoom

Security device pack - Ortovox - Winter

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Number of antennas


Detailed description

The AVALANCHE RESCUE ZOOM+ PACK provides BEGINNERS with an economic way to get away from crowded slopes and begin their first trips off-piste.

The AVALANCHE RESCUE ZOOM+ PACK provides newcomers to freeriding a fuss-free way to get away from overcrowded slopes to get their first breath of fresh air out in the back-country. This pack includes especially intuitive products which are easy to use in even the most stressful of situations. The SAFETY ACADEMY GUIDE BOOK that comes with the pack explains the basic rules for action and provides fundamental knowledge, hopefully helping you to avoid having to use the transceiver, shovel, and probe.

The ZOOM+ brings together easy usage, modern technique, and advanced design. With only 2 buttons the ZOOM+ focuses on intuitive use. The on/off switch and transmission/ reception switch both provide clear and precise information.

Information on distance, the direction arrow, and the display of multiple victims will guide you on the quickest path towards the refined search area, where the device's intuitive search acoustics will make your search easier. Thanks to patented smart antenna technology, the ZOOM+ is able to find victims much more quickly. The device analyses the victim's position in the avalanche and automatically switches to the antenna which is best placed to transmit​. The use of the most up to date 3 antennae digital technology goes without saying for ORTOVOX, as does automatic switchover transmission in the case of another avalanche.

The BADGER is an aluminium shovel with a hybrid ergonomic grip to optimise​ the transmission of power. Thanks to its sizable blade volume of 2.5 litres, robust design, pronounced centre ridge and high side walls for maximum rigidity, you can shovel powerfully. Non-slip step grooves on top of the blade provide traction and a centring​ aid in the shaft socket facilitates rapid assembly

240 Economic
An ultra-lightweight probe for beginners. The ECONOMIC is 240 cm long and weighs only 230g. This is achieved by an aluminium tube with a diameter of 11 mm. The probe is stretched classically with a screw cap, in which the Kevlar draw line is clamped. The burial depth can be read on the probe segments.

Technical Details

ZOOM + :
Receiving function: Digital

Number of antennas: 3

Maximum reach/ Search band width: 40m / <40m

Comfortable case with fastening and wrist strap

Microprocessor control

Automatic switching in the event of a secondary avalanche

Intuitive search acoustics

Patented Smart-Antenna technology

Self test

Backlit display

Integrated Recco tab

Battery: 1AA Alkaline 1.5 V

Transmission time: 250 hours

Dimensions (in mm): 116 x 79 x 23

Weight (battery and pouch included): 200g

Warranty (in years): 5 with registration

Depth marking


Anti-slip grooves

Multiple victim display

Visual guide system

Aramid tensioning system

Quick-Lock tensioning system

Badger shovel:

Hybrid handle

Anti-slip grooves

High side edges and pronounced central bar for maximum rigidity

Shaft designed for quick assembly

Alu 240 Silver Probe:

Depth marking

Adjustment screw for optimal tension

Visual guide system

Large probe tip

Aramid tensioning system

Compact design

Quick-Lock tensioning system

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