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The Mountain Spirit
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Mountain Spirit: Snowleader's Outdoor Mag

Back in 2018, we celebrated our 10th anniversary! We decided to mark the occasion by publishing our own outdoor magazine (in french to begin with), to celebrate the company's success with our dear customers (whose numbers keep growing). Mountain Spirit is much more than just a magazine, it is a collection of stories, beautiful journeys and tips and tricks from our team of enthusiasts!

"The idea had been floating in the air for a while, but we had to bring together all the ingredients to produce a magazine we would be proud of. In other words, a team of enthusiasts, events, a van, farm-produced reblochon, tons of it" explains Thomas Rouault, Snowleader's co-founder. Job's done!

"The purpose of this bi-annual magazine is to share the Reblochon Company's passion for the mountains, to inspire people to practice, book their holidays in the mountains, and to have their head filled with projects", continues Julien Audigier, Snowleader's marketing manager.

Mountain Spirit 4 - UK
Mountain spirit #4

We’re ready for action this winter! Last season changed the way we spent our days on the slopes and even though some of us may have a newfound love for another discipline, we can't wait to be sat on a chairlift admiring the techniques of those below!

As we know you are eager to get back to the snowy peaks as well, we've put together stories from the Snowleader team and the Rebloch'team ambassadors to give you a taste of winter adventure!

Just like each of the previous issues, Mountain Spirit n°4 will be slipped in as a gift with each customer order (valid once per customer).

In this 4th issue of Mountain Spirit, we take a look back at these often forgotten disciplines which were nonetheless brought back into the spotlight (or rather the piste) last winter!


Cross-country skiing: its characteristics, its variations, and its waxing secrets!
Rebloch'Ski Challenge: HE competition of last winter which put 8 world champions to the test!
Snowshoes: They are making a comeback this winter: find our advice to start snowshoeing.
Rebloch'team: Discover the adventure stories of our dream team ambassadors.
Food: Two local recipes that will make your mouth water.
Shop: New clothes and gear for 2021-22.

Mountain Spirit 3 - UK
Mountain spirit #3

After a rather unusual winter, when all our mountain traditions were turned upside down, it's time to put away the touring skis and snowshoes and make way for the glorious summer days! In this issue we take you on a journey to conquer the great outdoors around the globe!

As with previous issues, the Mountain Spirit n°3 will be included as a gift in each customer order (valid once per customer), but you can also find it for sale on the Snowleader website!

The Mountain Spirit is back this summer with articles and advice to help you prepare for your upcoming sporting challenges, as well as various tips and product recommendations, plus stories from members of the Rebloch'Team!


Cover: Ultra Objective with Julien Chorier.
Article: Climbing Mont Blanc.
Climbing Tips: Scaling cliffs and the 5 best bouldering sites!
Team: The rebloch'team and interview with Fabien Maierhofer.
Trips: North America, Pakistan, Reunion Island and Ocean Peak.
SOS: A bottle in the sea.
Food: Haddock Reblochon salad and roasted apricots with reblochon and chantilly.
Shop: New equipment and clothing for Spring/Summer 2021.

Mountain Spirit 2 - UK
Mountain spirit #2

The release of Mountain Spirit magazine has become an unmissable event for outdoor enthusiasts! Last winter, we gave you the chance to discover ski touring from every angle, this year we take you on a trip to the heart of ice climbing!

As with the previous issue, the magazine will be included as a gift with every online order for free... and with no minimum purchase! (valid once per customer)!

The winter season ending earlier than expected this year has made us nostalgic for big powder outings, so we wanted to offer you a must-see magazine that will make you want to put your skis back on as soon as possible!


Cover: Ice climbing, fleeting dreams.
Avalanche: Winter in the air.
Rebloch'Team: Discover the backstages of the Rebloch'team Express film.
Trip: A 100% freerando adventure in Val Merlet.
Masherbrum: Boris Pivaudran, from the steep slopes to brand creation.
Assos: The Eurobloch and its great people.
Food: Crozotto and Arancini with reblochon cheese.
Shop: New equipment and clothes for Autumn/Winter 2021.

The Mountain Spirit #1

This first issue retraces Snowleader's history, from its founding to present day. An eleven-year journey full of pitfalls and triumphs, driven by ever-increasing motivation. A large section of Snowleader's Mountain Spirit #1 is also devoted to professional advice, what has been Snowleader's backbone since its very beginning. The Rebloch'Team ambassadors share their best recommendations and tips, with a playful and offbeat tone. "Gearing up for snow trail" by Julien Chorier, "Bouldering, what equipment do I need?" by Marine Thevenet, "Getting into freeriding" by Baptiste Leprince or our fourteen page long "Ski touring in all its glory" cover article.

In this very first issue, you will also discover Thomas Rouault's beautiful journey through Svalbard, a unique experience at the invitation of The North Face to put their latest technology to the test!

The first English edition of Mountain Spirit comes with any order placed on the site for free... and with no minimum purchase! You can only receive one free edition per account.

Mountain spirit #1
Mountain Spirit 1 - UK

The first British edition of Mountain Spirit was released on Friday, November 29th! A winter focused version that allows you to gradually prepare for the oncoming snow.

Snow means skiing, snowboarding, alpine skiing or ski touring! This winter, get ready to tackle the mountains with family or friends with all our expert advice!


Article: Ski touring in all its glory.
How to: Wax your skis.
Journey: The Svalbard archipelago.
Food: Making your own Génépi.
Shop: Latest clothing and equipment from the 2020 season.