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£15 off when you spend £100 off the whole website !
Hero Elite MT CA + NX 12 Konnect
  • Hero Elite MT CA + NX 12 Konnect
  • Hero Elite MT CA + NX 12 Konnect
  • Hero Elite MT CA + NX 12 Konnect
  • Hero Elite MT CA + NX 12 Konnect
  • Hero Elite MT CA + NX 12 Konnect

    Downhill skis - Men - Rossignol

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    Reference size: 167cm Radius: 14m
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    109 74 123


    Intermediate - Skilled
    technology rocker image

    Rocker technology

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    Rocker technology


    Tip Width (mm)


    Waist Width (mm)


    Tail Width (mm)


    Reference Size (cm)


    Turn radius (m)


    Short radius: Enables the skier to turn more easily, facilitates short turns, wedelling, slalom, moguls fields.

    Long radius: Enables the skier to make longer turns and be more stable, even at high speeds.



    actual weight of the pair ( g )





    Front Rocker / Standard Camber

    Off Piste

    All Snow Conditions



    Detailed description

    Designed for technical skiers as well as those who love competition, the Hero Elite MT CA offers a new alternative from the Hero range from Rossignol.

    With carbon present in its structure, the Hero Elite MT CA is a powerful ski inspired by racing without being as demanding as a titanium ski. Its versatile 14m turning radius means it works well on different types of bends, meaning you can enjoy a range of ski styles.

    Made in the image of the rest of the Hero Elite ski range, this model is equipped with LCT (Line Control Technology) which enables the amount of counter flex to be limited as the result of the presence of a rail along the length of the ski giving you a better mastery of your line at all times. 

    As a result of its poplar core providing even flex and a light rocker tip, the Hero Elite MT CA is an excellent compromise between accessibility and aggression, a ski which is easy to carry once you know how and even lets you unleash some aggression when required.

    Designed for technical skiers looking for a good compromise between a pure competition ski and one with extreme power, you'll find that this model will be able to adapt to your style according to your mood out on the slopes.

    The Hero Elite MT CA is fitted with the NX 12 Konect binding system.

    Team Review

    The Hero Elite MT CA convinced us with its perfect balance between ease of use and power, a ski that will be mastered by anyone with a small skiing background, without losing any of its bite. Take turns smoothly thanks to the LCT technology that makes this ski particularly easy to handle. Once you feel confident and want to go hard on these skis, the Hero Elite MT CA live up to the expectations and can withstand any turn, whether you feel like carving or going for short, aggressive turns.

    Assets: Versatile, powerful, yet excellent for casual skiing
    Downsides: None

    Technical Details

    Turning radius:
    14m for 167cm length

    Standard camber - On Trail Rocker : 90% camber 10% light tip rocker. Created for precision on the slopes, the ON-TRAIL rocker has traditional camber on 90% of the length of the ski to allow explosive power and incredible grip and a small rocker tip (10%) to aid with approach and control when turning.

    Poplar Woodcore: This technology enables the balance of the skier and the elasticity of the ski to be optimised for a combination of power, agility and just pure enjoyment,

    Weight: 3,660g (per pair)

    Sandwich Minicap
    : Reinforced Sandwich construction at the top of the ski to improve durability. The walls are angled at 30° to reduce inertia and weight, improving grip. Peformance, Control, Durability, Evolution.

    Sidewall: The Sidewall construction offers a combination of materials as well as walls present along the entire ski increasing grip, balance and power for the skier.


    LCT - Line Control Technology:
    With its built in central rail along the whole length of the ski, the LCT construction eliminates part of the ski's counter flex to ensure perfect stability and dynamic control along the lines of its bends. LCT construction brings power and energy in all circumstances and in all conditions.

    Oversized Sidecut: 
    The oversized lines of the edges are combined with trimmed Carving style edges with actual ski widths. The width of the edges gives effective grip, power and precision. The width of the ski increases control and handling when turning. OVERSIZED Sidecut offers manoeuvrability, power and control.

    Bindings - NX 12 Konnect:
    With a pure design, high quality of materials, transmission length, lateral clamps to strengthen the stop and the interface: everything has been calculated for cohesion between the boot and the ski to reach perfection, as well as enabling transfer of the smallest movement.
    It has a DUAL selector which makes this binding compatible with the 3 sole standards available on the market at the flick of a switch: the standard alpine ISO5355 / the Grip Walk standard / and the WTR standard.
    DIN 3.5-12

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