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Energizer Mk3 Light Boxer Shorts Padded M Opal Black/Arctic White
Energizer Mk3 Light Boxer Shorts Padded M Opal Black/Arctic White + X-Bionic

Energizer Mk3 Light Boxer Shorts Padded M Opal Black/Arctic White

Padded cycling shorts - Men - Energizer Mk3 Light Boxer - X-Bionic - Spring/Summer 2021
univers marques
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Energizer Mk3 Light Boxer Shorts Padded M Opal Black/Arctic White
univers marques
Product not subject to returns
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The Energizer Mk3 Light Boxer Shorts Padded M Opal Black/Arctic White for men from X-Bionic are padded cycling shorts for maximum comfort.

Whether you're riding a mountain bike or a road bike, the various technologies in this model make your cycling life easier and improve your performance. The main innovation is the ThermoSyphon® technology, which perfects the 3D Bionic Sphere®system, warming you up when you are cold and vice versa in hot weather. The thermoregulation then happens at the front and back of this model, allowing your body to reduce the energy used to regulate temperature and concentrate on performance! The Aktiv-Bund technology adapts perfectly to the circumference of your waist and legs, while theInnerlap AirConditioning Zone® technology ensures better air permeability on the inside of the thighs to enhance the breathability of your body. Finally, the Skin Nodor® properties reduce bacterial growth and the smell of perspiration thanks to the release of ions activated by the body heat.

With all these features, your performance and well-being on the bike will only increase!

X-Bionic Collection - Spring-Summer 2021

Energizer Mk3 Light Boxer Shorts Padded M Opal Black/Arctic White + X-Bionic
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- Two-Step Front 3D Bionic Sphere® System With Thermosyphon®: The high-tech knit is optimally positioned for cooling efficiency and perfect climate comfort. The varied construction of the Sweat Traps® and 3D Bionic Sphere® System is able to provide grip while wicking away sweat and heat.

Innerlap Airconditioning Zone®: The inner thighs are less responsive to cold in terms of muscle performance. This is where the Innerlap AirConditioning Zone® is placed. It is a fine knitted fabric network with the Zero insulation function.

Sweat Traps® : Enlarged for greater cooling efficiency and positioned precisely to avoid drips and cool more efficiently.

Bike Pad: The 3D structured top layers absorb and transport perspiration and ventilate the high perspiration area. The comfortable fabric seat prevents chafing. Longitudinal and cross sections separate the anatomically designed pads into different zones. During exercise, these areas move horizontally and vertically in relation to the rigid saddle. The pressure on the buttocks is evenly distributed and you can ride more efficiently.

Ideo-Waistband: The ergonomically shaped belt offers a better fit during movement.

3D Bionic Sphere®System With Thermosyphon® Technology: Stops the unpleasant humidity, the feeling of overheating and the risk of shivering during rest and recovery. The cooling function only starts when your body starts to accumulate body heat and perspiration. No perspiration means that the insulating effect takes over.

Air Guides® : The Air-Conditioning Channels® are framed in Air Guides® so that they can also function effectively under a second layer. The evaporation rate is then increased.

Air-Conditioning Channel®: TheAir-Conditioning Channel® is part of the climate channel system. Physiological studies have shown that there are certain areas that regulate body temperature quickly and effectively. Exchanging cool air through a network of channels cools these areas without spreading a "cold" feeling throughout the body. The constant flow of air through the Air-Conditioning Channels® also effectively wicks moisture away from perspiration areas.

- Iso Ribs: Allows targeted insulation of different parts of the body to protect it from the cold.

Aktiv-BundPrevents the garment from slipping or contracting.

Skin Nodor®:  The skin-neutral ions released by Skin Nodor® are active against the formation of bacteria and thus reduce odours.

Retina®: Ultra-high definition quality for maximum functional density, precise functional areas and efficient functional transmission.

90% Polyamide, 7% Elastane, 3% Polypropylene

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