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It's 2nd Marketdown on Winter Sale! Come discover all of our products on sale

It's 2nd Marketdown on Winter Sale! Come discover all of our products on sale
Candide 1.0 Grey 2021
  • Candide 1.0 Grey 2021
  • Candide 1.0 Grey 2021
  • Candide 1.0 Grey 2021
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  • Candide 1.0 Grey 2021

    Freestyle skis - Men - Candide 1.0 Grey 2021 - Faction - 2021/2022

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    Reference size: 178cm Radius: 18m
    ski image




    120 92 122


    technology rocker image

    Rocker technology

    Tail / Tip
    technology camber image







    Rocker technology


    Tip Width (mm)


    Waist Width (mm)


    Tail Width (mm)


    Reference Size (cm)


    Turn radius (m)


    Short radius: Enables the skier to turn more easily, facilitates short turns, wedelling, slalom, moguls fields.

    Long radius: Enables the skier to make longer turns and be more stable, even at high speeds.



    actual weight of the pair ( g )





    Double Rocker / Standard Camber

    Off Piste

    All Snow Conditions


    Ski Touring


    Detailed description

    The Candide 1.0 2021 is a freeride ski for men from Faction.

    The Candide 1.0 is part of the legendary Candide Thovex Signature range . It proudly bears the name of the famous rider from La Clusaz who continues to inspire skiers around the world generation after generation. Available in 5 versions to adapt to each discipline, the Candide skis are extremely accomplished skis that have emerged directly from the spirit of the undisputed freeskiing legend. With a clever blend of camber, different materials and shape, Faction offers a sharp range for demanding freeskiers who simply see the mountain as their favourite playground.

    The Candide 1.0 from Faction is therefore the narrowest model in the range, with its 92 mm waist, and it doesn't hide its ambition to be a true freestyle ski just as we like them, lively and devastating! With its 3mm camber underfoot and a rather stiff flex, its pop is incredibly dynamic so it won't ask twice before throwing. you into the air and chaining tricks together in the park. Its solid poplar and beech core will give you the calm you need to get started on the big air courses without thinking about the reception. And if you overshoot, no problem! Its titanium and rubber underfoot reinforcement is ultra-strong and cleverly disperses and absorbs impact for a smooth landing. Handy!

    Faction has also focused on durability, so that you can enjoy your best park gun all season long. The Candide 1.0 is designed as a sandwich, with sturdy 2.5mm thick edges to withstand the most intense jib sessions. Its micro-cap protection also allows you to enjoy its very successful topsheet for longer. With its double rocker and True Twin, perfectly symmetrical shape it has an extremely smooth glide, regardless of the direction you're taking it. Outside the park, it grips well on hard snow. Ultra-manageable, you soon get into the game of slaloming at full speed between skiers to get to your next spot.

    The Candide 1.0 from Faction is a true modern freestyle ski designed for skiers of an advanced to expert level looking for park performance and lots of fun all over the resort!

    Team Review

    The Candide 1.0(or CT 1.0) from Faction is one of our little favourites in the freestyle ski world. It is a serious ski dedicated to freestyle that is very lively. Highly manoeuvrable and precise when needed, the CT 1.0 offers great performance on piste and hard snow. As soon as you enter the park, you can feel the master's touch! Its lightness makes tricks much easier. Its pop is monstrous, thanks to a rather rigid and dynamic flex. In the air, it is very well balanced, logical since its shape is True Twin(100% symmetrical), plus the landing is comfortable.

    A model for advanced skiers who enjoy sessions in the snowpark or to have fun in the whole resort.

    The advantages: pop, dynamism, performance, liveliness

    Disadvantages: pop difficult to activate for a beginner, otherwise it's just the opposite!

    Technical Details

    Weight: 4300 g per pair in size 178 cm

    Turn radius: - 18 m for size 178 cm

    Tip: 320 mm
    Tail: 285 mm

    - Camber: 3 mm

    - Flex: 8/10

    Shape :

    Specific Shape Candide Thovex:
    Between Candide and the first CT 5.0, it was love at first sight. After two seasons of good and loyal service, the CT 5.0's shape has been modified to perfection: a mix of new ideas with the original concept. The iconic silhouette of this multi-primed model can now be found throughout the CT range. Its slightly tapered tip and heel are combined with elliptical radius sidecut lines for maximum control and efficient, precise carving. A generous rocker combined with a light camber brings wonderful sensations and gives new energy to transform your day. The new CT range has been designed to adapt the shape to different practices, from big powder with the 5.0 to trampled slopes with the 1.0.

    Construction :

    Poplar core, beech:
    Poplar is a soft, light-coloured and strong wood that has good flex and pop, as well as a high capacity to absorb vibrations. Beech is a darker coloured hardwood that is heavier and adds rigidity and dynamism. This allows us to obtain rather light skis that have excellent grip and are dynamic between turns, while maintaining a flex that is flexible enough to do ollies, slashs and butters on all the terrain that the mountain has to offer.

    Candide Thovex Specific Flex
    Our living legend is constantly tweaking, adjusting, improving their designs and learning. Candide is convinced that to get the best out of a big rocker, it must be combined with a powerful and rigid heel and tip, to bring more stability and power to the ski in variable snow conditions. In addition, the rigid tips absorb vibrations better when landing jumps. Stiffening the flex underfoot increases the pop of the skis. This is the specific flex of Candid Thovex

    Candide Thovex specific stance
    As if Candide Thovex' specific flex and shape weren't enough, the world's best skier discovered a new single fitting point for the bindings. The narrowest part of the ski is the centre of the turn radius, and it happens to be the most intuitive place to trigger a "funky-freestyle" pivoting of the ski. This fitting point is also great for carving and sending ollies using tip or heel.

    Ttaniul: rubber Stomp Pad:
    Titanium and rubber reinforcements under the foot increase the resistance of our freestyle skis where it is most critical. In addition to protecting the wooden core from impacts when landing on rails, this carbon reinforcement adds stability and vibration absorption under your boots, allowing you and your skis to land smoothly.

    Sidecuts with elliptic radii:
    The sidecuts with elliptic radii consist of a longer radius underfoot and shorter radius on the front and rear parts of the ski. The long radius underfoot allows for faster and easier pivoting, while the shorter radii allow turns to be started more gently.

    Full Strength Sidewall:
    The full strength sidewall is a construction that applies layers of protective material along the edges of the sidewall, between the edge and the topsheet from above. The edges offer the best possible stability and grip when turning, while protecting the wooden core, edges and cover sheet from possible external impacts and damage.

    Edges XL 2,5 mm:
    One might think that seven tenths of a millimetre doesn't have much of an effect, but when it comes to edges, everything matters. The 2.5 mm edges are 35% thicker than our standard 1.8 mm edges, which are already very sturdy. This addition of steel makes the ski more resistant to abrasion for longer.

    Anti Chip Micro-Cap:
    The micro cap is a hybrid construction that combines the sandwich construction with premium edges, which is fused with a lightweight and durable cap construction. Thanks to the micro-cap, the sandwich construction provides exceptional edge hold and torsional stability, while the topsheet partially covers the edge, protecting the fragile edge that could otherwise chip in the event of impact.

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