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Agent 3.0 X 2022 + Faction

Agent 3.0 X 2022

Touring skis - Women - Agent 3.0 X 2022 - Faction - 2020/2022
univers marques
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Agent 3.0 X 2022
univers marques
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The  3.0 X 2022 is a women's touring ski from  Faction.

For starters, the Agent 3.0 X has a fairly reasonable weight of 1540 g per ski! Thanks to its ultra-light Karuba core, it is just as efficient on the ascent as it is on the descent. This core provides good flex and absorbs vibrations without adding weight. Its lightweight construction, thanks to unidirectionally oriented carbon strips, gives it even greater stability, strength and rigidity in all conditions!

Its sandwich construction produces better surface contact as well as remarkable adjustments to suit the terrain. The titanium reinforcement plates under the mounts, placed above the core, guarantee a secure grip of the fastener screws and, above all, the durability of the core.

TheAgent 3.0 X 2022 is also equipped with Surf Zones technology: its rocker offers better lift and facilitates the pivoting of the ski while its tapered tips move the widest part of the ski back towards the centre for perfect gliding without risk of accidental edge catches.

With its 106 mm waist, it is a large ski ideally suited to powder. Thanks to its standard camber and its tip and heel rockers, theAgent 3.0 X is very efficient in all snow conditions. It will be the perfect companion for you to conquer your favourite untouched spots!

So, if you're looking for fresh snow and springtime corridors to ski away from the crowds, the Agent 3.0 X is for you!

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Technical details
2 years
Practice level
Heel width (mm)
Skate width (mm)
Tip Width (mm)
Reference Size (cm) : 172
Turn radius (m) : 18
Rocker technology
Spatule / Talon
Season year
Product details
Skate width (mm)
Tip Width (mm)
Heel width (mm)
Turn radius (m)
Reference Size (cm)
Technical details
Ski construction
Ski profile
Double Rocker/Standard Camber
Ski stability
Other features

Weight: 3080 g per pair in size 172 cm

Turn radius: 18 m for size 172 cm

Tip: 370 mm
Tail: 220 mm

- Camber: 4 mm

- Flex: 7/10


Freeride Flat Heel:
This type of traditional flat tail is designed to offer maximum speed, edge control and stability when turning. The light rocker adds a touch of modernity, and this shape will allow you to slash your turns even more easily and will avoid any snagging in fresh snow.

Construction : 

Lightweight Karuba core
Karuba is a very strong, extremely light wood. It's not well known, but it provides a good flex and absorbs vibration without adding weight, which makes it ideal for the core of a touring ski that will perform equally well in ascents and descents.

Sidecuts with elliptic radii:
The sidecuts with elliptic radii consist of a longer radius underfoot and shorter radius on the front and rear parts of the ski. The long radius underfoot allows for faster and easier pivoting, while the shorter radii allow turns to be started more gently. These sidecuts are perfectly suited to a wide range of curve angles and lengths.

2.5 mm XL edges
One might think that seven tenths of a millimetre doesn't have much of an effect, but when it comes to edges, everything matters. The 2.5 mm edges are 35% thicker than our standard 1.8 mm edges, which are already very sturdy. This addition of steel allows the riders to have a ski that will resist longer to the "stresses" linked to certain techniques.

Carbon strips
Between 8 and 10 carbon strips are positioned unidirectionally on either side of the core to achieve even greater stability without adding weight. Each carbon strip is woven so as to provide the greatest strength and rigidity in all directions.

Surf Zones:
Surf Zone technology is designed to combine the Rocker with the tapered shape of the tips to ensure that these two key characteristics are in perfect harmony. The Rocker provides lift and helps in the pivoting of the ski, while the Tapered Tip allows the widest part of the ski to be closer to the centre and thus reduce the risk of unwanted gripping by the edge. This technology provides excellent lift and a smooth ride in all conditions.

Full Strength Sidewall:
The full strength sidewall is a construction that applies layers of protective material along the edges of the sidewall, between the edge and the topsheet from above. The edges offer the best possible stability and grip when turning, while protecting the wooden core, edges and cover sheet from possible external impacts and damage.

Tip and tail cap:
On our skis equipped with the tip and tail cap construction, we place ultra-solid sidewalls at the central part of the ski but wrap the topsheet around the edge of the ski to the tip and tail edges. This protects the ski from impacts and thus improves its durability, while reducing the total weight of the ski, favouring freestyle and ski touring.

Titanal reinforcement plates under the bindings:  
When you go for a day's hiking in the backcountry, you must have complete faith in your equipment. Our Titanal reinforcement plates are positioned above our lightweight cores to guarantee that the binding screws are completely secure. These monocoque plates are designed to accept either alpine or hiking bindings, thus improving the durability of these ultra-light cores.

Team review

TheAgent 3.0 Xis a good touring ski for women skiers who want to do a little bit of everything! Versatile with its 106 mm waist, it is at ease in powder snow. We like its lightness and its easy handling on the climb.

The presence of its two rockers makes it possible to float well in fresh snow and the presence of a titanium band under the foot makes it possible to put your foot down when necessary!

Advantages: lightweight and high performance, stability, versatility

Disadvantages : none

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